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The House of Drop is the latest sensory-provoking, visually-electrifying art experience to make its entrance into the world of fine art. The creative visionaries, husband & wife duo of Italian-born Fabrizio Venuta & Nashville-native Britt Steele, rely purely on instinct for inspiration. Both share a preoccupation with transformation & best describe their work as ‘contemporary transformative art’ as hundreds of hours are behind the thousands of layers of paint that create the signature ‘drops’ cascading at the base of each piece. The House of Drop was passionately founded without boundaries as there is no object onto which their meticulous & unique technique cannot be applied, from stretched canvases to chandeliers, surfboards to bags, vases to chairs. Yet only when the marine-grade high gloss resin is applied do Steele & Venuta feel the work take it's first breath, transforming the hours, heart & heaps of color in each piece into a one-of-a-kind magnetizing & seductive experience born to evoke an emotional response from any who’s path it may cross. 

Fabrizio The House of Drop
Britt The House of Drop

 This is how all started...



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