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“Carnevale II”
Creation Date
About the Artwork
In spite of visiting Rio de Janeiro almost 35 years ago, Co-Founder of The House of Drop, Fabrizio Venuta, drew upon the vast & vivid memories from the Carnevale as the main source for inspiration for both pieces in the ‘Carnevale’ series, Carnevale I & Carnevale II. He was always affected by that incredible explosion of colors witnessed during the days-long festivities but it wasn’t until recently, after becoming an artist, was he able to comprehend why, once it all came to an end, his soul was left stirring in such a positive, vibrating & electrifying way. “I never knew until now how simultaneously powerful & empowering colors truly are,” says Venuta. “Being able to pick & pair the colors throughout any of the pieces we’re working on at any given time is a thrilling journey, one I feel very blessed to take daily.” The spectrum of sounds, scenes & overall pigments seen during the Carnevale is almost unquantifiable. However, for those who wish to get a glimpse of Rio during the world’s most famous ‘party on the streets,’ atop a clear acrylic square is a studied combination of hundreds, if not thousands of drops of bold, bright colors, metallics, glitter, iridescent & holographic paint sealed beneath three layers of marine-grade resin. Custom-mounted in an open, matte black wood frame, this is a one-of-a-kind, limited edition piece in which the party truly never ends.
Detail & Dimension
Size: 14 W x 14 H
Medium: Mixed Media
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