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“In The Beginning II”
Creation Date
About the Artwork
As with everything in life, there’s always a beginning. The 2 pieces that make up the In The Beginning series were quite literally the very first pieces ever produced after turning a hobby into a full-throttle business. It all started with the painting of vases upside-down in order to create the signature ‘drops’ and took on a life of its own from this point forward, applying the layers upon layers to these 2 canvases, In The Beginning I and In The Beginning II, eventually working up to chandeliers or even a custom commissioned pair of Jimmy Choo high-heal shoes. The impact that the birth of the overall concept & the journey through the evolution in general on both of our souls has been profound, reigniting an almost childlike awe in not only witnessing the affect our work has on us  personally but most importantly, has on those who encounter it. No amount of money could ever replicate the soothing sensation when seeing the connection an individual forms with our work, witnessing their soul respond before our eyes, especially when they’re encountering it for the first time. It's as if a part of it fills a missing piece within that individual, enhances their senses in ways they might not have known to be needed or simply amplifies their current state of connection. Art is, by nature, a subjective journey and within the In The Beginning series, throughout the hundreds of layers of pigment, there is infinite room for interpretation.
Detail & Dimension
Size: 24 W x 24 H
Medium: Mixed Media
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