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Sex on Fire


36”H X 48”W

About the Artwork:

One of the many soul-shaking, poised yet provocative songs from The Kings of Leon, a band based locally but since inception in 1999, they have topped charts and won awards around the world. Any musician dreams of receiving acknowledgement for their talent not only in the form of record sales but in awards- achieving one Grammy nomination is hard enough yet becomes enough for most. Many artists feel as though they’ve “arrived” if achieving ‘nominee status’ throughout the course of their career. Their constant drive to satiate the souls & rock the world’s of their followers brought them to receive not 1 but 12 Grammy nominations, ultimately bringing home 4 to date. This song was playing in the background during the many months working to bring life to this piece as not only do the captivating lyrics have a playful way of tempting even a saint but it served as a constant reminder to keep the dream, most especially our dream alive.


Mixed Medium on Canvas



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