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“The Light Fantastic”
Creation Date
About the Artwork
As originally appeared in the 1645 poem L’Allegro by John Milton, this phrase is best defined as ‘dancing lightly with extravagance’ and who doesn’t love both dancing or extravagance, especially the thought of doing both at the same time? As any accomplished dancer demonstrates the utmost respect of the art form through their delightful-to-watch agility & graceful etiquette and ease on their feet, we were on a mission to translate the same principles onto this canvas. Contrary to a choreographed routine, this piece is intentionally meant to take on its own rhyme & rhythm subject to the interpretation by each of it’s observers. There is no kick-ball-change or step-and-repeat present within any of the 1,800 square inches of this statement piece but rather an empowering movement of color, texture, pigment, and strokes nimbly dancing beneath the triple layers of high gloss resin.
Detail & Dimension
Size: 30 W x 60 H
Medium: Mixed Media on canvas
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