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"When In Rome”
Creation Date
About the Artwork
The idiom ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ was 1st seen in print in 1777, in “Interesting Letters of Pope Clement XIV” yet in modern day, it implies that one should follow the local customs & traditions when visiting a foreign land. However, most commonly used in everyday situations, it suggests that following the status quo seems like the best idea. But is it? This is not a question for Siri but rather to reflect upon internally. Sometimes it is better to blend in yet there will always be other circumstances in which we owe it to ourselves & the legacy we wish to leave, to make our voices heard. Gold, copper & metallic carbon meet their match with the soothing tones of creme, beige & white with surprising dashes of iridescent and holographic paint. While it took over 100 hours to finish this piece, we hope its only the beginning for it’s observers, bestowing a serene backdrop to get lost in thought & even ponder the above question if relevant.
Detail & Dimension
Size: 40 W x 40 H
Medium: Mixed Media on canvas
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